The Year of "Rooster" is coming

Today is the third last day of the Chinese year “Monkey”. Three days later we would enter the Year of “Rooster” (It sounds really funny, but really it is how we call it). Traditionally we would celebrate very heavily starting from Tuesday (Chinese New Year’s EVE) onwards, for about a week or more, including big meals, visiting friends and relatives, with Chinese style parties (very similar to Christmas time in the Western world).

Practically it means that we would have a long public holiday. Offices and shops would be closed for a few days during the first few days of New Year, also very similar to Christmas in the Western World. Factories back in Mainland China would be shut down for more than a week, and all workers go home to their home town back in mainland China. So for us who work in the electronic inductry, we sort of could have a slow start after the holiday because our China counter part are still on holiday.

School kids also would enjoy a long holiday. On top of that, they would also receive lots of “Lei See” (Red Pocket) with real cash inside, from all the married men and women. Thus, before I got married 2 years ago, Chinese New Year was always my favorite festival (or I should practically state, my favorite holiday). Now we are the one who have to give away Lei See instead.

For me, I really need to use this holiday to finish up my PhD application. I have been reading and talking a lot about this. It is time to finish it up as the deadline is waving it’s hand and saying hello to me.

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  1. I’ve been told that the year of the monkey is usually associated with moving earth – earthquakes. Not that I believe that, but there were a number of powerful quakes this year.

    What is the rooster associated with?

    New Year is celebrated here in Philadelphia with huge dinners and a parade and fireworks, but no days off. Alas.


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