To Plan My Day

I have successfully done it again today. Every morning I would start the day with a target to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes to plan my day. And then every evening I would end the day with a feeling that I have wasted my day because I didn’t plan the day well, or didn’t plan the day at all. And today, of course, same thing has happened. I again asked myself to plan my day, and at the end blamed myself for not really doing it, again.

I have to stop this. I hate this feeling. I really really have to spend my first 30 minutes tomorrow to plan my day.

Let’s see what I would say tomorrow evening. Good night.

One thought on “To Plan My Day”

  1. How about we do it together? We get up 30 minutes earlier and write at Blogger our plan of the day. Then, at the end of the day, we write in the same blog to review the plan.

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