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返工 ─ 放工 ─ 機場集合 ─ 直飛雪梨

上午行程:清晨到達雪梨 ─ 雪梨漁市場
下午行程:市內觀光 ─ University of Sydney ─ Pitt Street ─ Queen Victoria Building ─ Check-in Hotel ─ 午睡時間
住宿 Quest World Square

上午行程:Murray Farm Primary School ─ Carlingford Court 懷緬過去
午餐於 Carlingford Court@麥當勞吃 Angus Burger(唔掂)
下午行程:Home World Kellyville 睇示範單位 ─ Manly Beach ─ Ben & Jerry 雪糕
晚餐於 Manly Grill Seafood & Steakhouse 吃 wagyu 和 kangaroo meat
住宿 Quest World Square

上午行程:達令港 ─ 漁市場買燒烤料 ─ 雪尼歌劇院
午餐於雪尼歌劇院@Guillaume at Bennelong(全程最好的西餐!)
下午行程:起程向南 ─ 4 hours drive to Batesman Bay
晚餐於房間騎樓對著海 BBQ,也吃了漁市場買的海鮮燒烤料
住宿 BIG4 Batemans Bay at East’s Riverside Holiday Park

上午行程:Batesman Bay 鎮內觀光 ─ 購物
午餐於 Starfish Deli 吃好味 Pizza
下午行程:午睡時間 ─ 釣魚
晚餐於房間騎樓對著海 BBQ,也吃了鎮內觀光購物時買的牛柳(超正)
住宿 BIG4 Batemans Bay at East’s Riverside Holiday Park

上午行程:起程向南 ─ From Batesman Bay 5 hours drive to Lakes Entrance
下午行程:繼續向南 ─ From Lakes Entrance 4 hours drive to Melbourne
晚餐於 Prahran@Mandala Restaurant & Bar
住宿 Quest Prahran

早餐於 The Cullen
上午行程:Glen Waverley 睇示範單位 ─ Federation Square
Skipped 午餐
晚餐於 Kitchen Cat(Fifteen Restaurant Melbourne 是其前身)
住宿 Quest Prahran

上午行程:Queen Victoria Market
午餐於 St Kilda @Donovan’s
下午行程:South Wharf
晚餐於 Flower Drum
住宿 Quest Prahran

上午行程:菲利普島 ─ 朱古力工廠
下午行程:Koala Conservation Center ─ Nibble Center ─ 企鵝上岸
晚餐於 Victoria Street
住宿 Quest Prahran

上午行程:Chapel Street 購物
午餐於 South Yarra 胡同
下午行程:Centro The Glen 購物
晚餐於 Victoria Street 勇記吃越南粉

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

These were the so called “4D” lighting show back in last November for the 10 years anniversary of the “4D” by itself was not the main topic. It was merely just the 3D images for the fashion show plus the scent of RL perfumes and colognes for the extra 1D. The exciting part was how they create the 3D effect by multiple projectors on a historical building exterior façade. The effects looked so real to a point that you would really think that the walls were falling apart during the show!

New York:


Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Official Trailer

Transformer 3 Dark of the MoonTaking about disaster, nuclear plant deformation is one, natural earthquake is another one, but making a movie with a quality as low as Transformer 2 was as disastrous as anything else.

Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are trying to correct this with launching the next Transformer. One of the big correction is the dumping of Megan Fox. Pros and cons: perhaps some die hard fans of Fox would abandon the film because of her departure. However perhaps more die hard fans of Transformers would celebrate for this because the average scores of acting ability in this film would surely be pulled up.

The trailers are not as cool as the previous few. Perhaps we have seen it all, so the excitement is gone. Our enjoyment are ruined by our own expectation. The good news is, now it would work the other way round for you as well. Since you have seen them all and set your expectation to the floor, you might enjoy whatever you can get out from this film when they air it on July 11.