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Hong Kong Disneyland

How exciting! Hong Kong Disneyland is going to start operation on Sept 12, 2005! The Disneyland Hotel is available for booking since yesterday. Amazingly, already there were more than 100 people called the booking center and reserved rooms just in one day! And I am one of them. I booked a sea view room to spend the birthday with my wife there. It would be the first weekend since it starts its operation. That’s why I would like to book early enough.

Let’s hope it would turn out to be a great place for us to visit in Hong Kong whenever we need to cheer up ourselves! At the moment Hong Kong is lacking such a dreamland kind of place to release our stress and unhappiness.

The Butterfly Effect

Anyone out there likes this movie as well? I like it very much. Yes, I am not talking about the real “butterfly effect” theory. I am talking about the Hollywood movie.

The butterfly effect states that any slight change in one part of the world would have a massive domino effect on lots of subsequent and perhaps unrelated events. On top of this, the movie “The Butterfly Effect” has an extra message, which is, of course, not being mentioned in the original theory: if we could go back in time, what ever we do differently – and positively, it would some what has a negative effect on the other aspect on our own life. It is because the world is fair.

In the story, no matter how hard Evan (the main guy) try to go back the time and change the history to save himself and to save the people around him, there would always be some new bad things pop up to balance out the change. I see this as a very hash but real observation of our life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could always run our life as how we play show hand: keep the good cards and change the bad cards? It reminds me how we play those RPG games. During set up, we always have to tune the statistics of the character at the start. Everybody is given certain among of total score. It is the user who would decide how to allocate the score. If we want to have more “wisdom”, then we might have to give up some “strength”. That’s life.

I watched the movie at home, which is the director cut in the DVD. I love the ending very much, and I feel lucky that I didn’t watch it in the cinema. For the welfare of those of you who has not yet bought the DVD, I am not going to spell out the difference. Please go and buy the DVD and watch all 4 different endings, and you will know what I mean.

Banyan Tree

It seems that Banyan Tree and the entire Laguna Phuket area is safe, because the Laguna itself slows down the tsunami.

The little pub on the beach (that we bought drinks from) was gone, along with the little store that Justin bought his swiming suit.  The statement didn’t say anything about the staffs on the beach….

Bangalore Day 2 Part B

Lunch was served at the canteen. Vegetarian Indian food. Taste very good. I kind of liked it. And it was not too spicy and didn’t cause me to go to the toilet right away, so that was good.

I had another long meeting during the afternoon, and at the end of the day (7:30pm) the driver took me to the Central Park Hotel again. Now I know it was not the driver yesterday who was crazy. It was just how they have to drive. Every driver would drive on the wrong side of the road, flash their head light 15 times per minute, just to survive on the road. Compared to that drivers in Taiwan and Shenzhen are extremely patient and polite.

Then I am at the newly-renovated hotel lobby. The reception guy recognized me and gave the same welcome as yesterday assuring to me that the room is ok. After filling in some forms, he tried to find the key reserved for me. And it was not there. Then he found out that the room originally assigned to me was taken by his colleagues standing next to him. He looked as if big shxt has happened, and search for another key and gave the key to me reluctantly. I was alarmed and asked if the room would be ok or not. He said it would be the deluxe room.

And now, I am in that “deluxe room” by myself. It is old, very old. It has one mosquito flying around (but I killed it right away). The water came out from the tap is yellow. And best of all, the towels are a bit dirty. Lucky that I brought my own towel this time, which I never did before. My conclusion is, if the towel is dirty, then I guess renovation doesn’t really help. Even if I would get the newer room, I would still get the same kind of towel at the end. So I am even. I am fine now. I shall log out the modem and go to dinner downstairs and leave things behind. God Bless

Bangalore Day 2 Part A

I could not sleep too well in the hotel last night, but still managed to wake up only just in time. I had a quick shower and packed up as quick as I could, so that I could check out with my luggage with me. I went down and hope that the crazy driver would be there waiting for me already. Didn’t see him. So I waited. And waited. I spent time studying the little shop at the opposite side of the street. And waited. And I spent time (and guts) having a “breakfast at the “cafe” in the hotel. And waited.

Finally after an hour no one showed up at the door. I would not blame him. Who knew I would change to another hotel at the middle of the night? At the end I paid for my own taxi from the hotel, and 15 minutes later I am in the office building, finally.

Thijs welcomed me warmly at the door and introduced me to the whole floor. I was surprised to see so many people are working for the division, as I always had the impression that we do not have enough resources.

Then my long day started with meeting with the software team. It was a bit annoying as I could not connect to the network. They said it was the shortage of IP. I guess I have to come in earlier tomorrow morning to fight for my IP

Bangalore Day 1 Part D

I finally stepped on the street, and within 15 seconds I saw a tag with my name on it. That should be the driver. Very nice guy. But crazy driver. He always turned right on the left lane, and did all sorts of other tricks to gain one or two place ahead of other cars. I decided not to look directly to the front so that I don’t have to feel too scary, so I turned my eye sight to the side windows and try to enjoy my first impression of India. I found that I had not much to see. It was way too dark. The city had way too few light bulbs installed. Even the shops and restaurant which were opened were with just one or two very dim light bulb that kept people aware of their existence. I guess in return I should say Hong Kong people are too crazy about brighten up the city, so that’s why I feel the big contrast.

Then I was at the hotel lobby. I heard from my colleagues that it was a very old hotel. I also saw some photos in the Internet, and it was really old. But in front of me was a very newly renovated lobby with a very fancy bar and restaurant. At first I thought I was at the wrong place. Then I realized that if this hotel was newly renovated, it might be not too bad after all. While I was still guessing in my mind if their renovation work did or did not also cover the rooms (which was more important than the lobby to me), the lobby guy woke me up by saying that the hotel was in fact full already, and they would drive me to another hotel nearby!

Now finally I am at that “near-by 3-star” hotel, with no clean water, no real windows, no Internet and small beds. Luckily the room is bright and has no carpet, to me it is already a big plus because it is much cleaner than my expected standard. No matter what, I would check out tomorrow, and let me see if I could check in to a better hotel, or I have to stay at Thijs’ study room. I personally prefer the latter one but of course I don’t want to disturb his family with such a short notice.

Bangalore Day 1 Part C

I finally got my luggage, and matched towards the exit. Passport checking again. This time, the QC part played it role. This 3rd passport checking guy was interested at my luggage. Didn’t know why. Perhaps of shape or something. Perhaps it looked too full to him, so he asked me to take my luggage for x-ray scanning. Of course right on spot he discovered that I had 5 pieces of well-packed full package MP3 players inside. The first thing I said was that they were all “engineering sample for firmware programming work in Bangalore software center”. The x-ray guy didn’t buy that, because they looked too new and too well packed. To him they were all new finished goods, and frankly speaking they are. So he said I have to pay custom duty for that, and asked me how much did they worth. I said US$5 each. He said they should at least worth $50 each, and he was also correct. Gees, these people are really very hi-tech.

I decided to play the “dumb Chinese” mode, and keep saying that I didn’t know I didn’t know, and I even showed him my “project manager” business card to show that I was really taking those goods for product development purpose only. The guy called the other supervisor for help, and they insisted harder. I didn’t know what to do. At that critical moment, another Chinese guy came up with his bags and said that he wanted his passport back. The two guys suddenly switch their attentions towards this new victim, and decided not to spent time with me, and dramatically gave me back the passport and let me go.