What the heck is Electronic Mail?

This is an ad by Honeywell, dated back in 1977.

Notice that at that time “PC” or even the word “computer” did not once being mentioned in the text (and of course no “Internet”!!). Instead, the word “Terminal” is used to describe the interface that the person could send and receive the electronic messages (which is, electronic mail, or email).

It would be easy to understand why they used the term “Terminal” instead of “PC” (apart from the fact that at the time the first “PC” has not even been “invented” yet) if we know that Honeywell at the 70’s was in fact one of the market leaders in the mainframe business.

However, after the emergence of PC (and Microsoft?) in the late 80’s, Honeywell gradually sold out all its computer-related business units. And eventually by 1991, Honeywell left the computer business completely.

Honeywell was very wise to predict that: “Tomorrow’s automated office will clearly include Electronic Mail”. The part that they didn’t realise was that they themselves would not be a part of it at all at the end.

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Sources: www.flickr.com/photos/jcpiercy/659305959

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