Why Alley-oop?

In a basketball game, one of the most fascinating moves would be the “Alley-oop” performed during an assist-dunk situation.

Most often, the camera would be shining on the dunker rather than the assistor, because the mid-air gestures while dunking are usually way more interesting. Besides, afterall, he is the one whole has scored.

However, I want to be the one who is assisting the alley-oop instead of the one who is scoring it. Not just because I don’t want to be on the camera, but also because I believe this is a more meaningful but much harder/more challenging job; and thus more rewarding.

This blog would be from now on (1) tell my stories and journeys of how I have assisted others to score, and (2) provide more info/exp sharing as a mean of further assisting others to score even more.


Tell me what you think!