Roundabouts (Comment)

That is my problem too…the problem is not just picking up an exit….the problem is we are afraid of picking a wrong exit which could lead to a dead end. However, I think that life is full of advantures. Somtime, you can’t count and calculate too much. Just like the game theory you always methioned….somtimes, it is good to close your eyes, listen to your heart and then take a deep breath and kick off your first step…….you will never know until you take the first step. Also, road is walked out by people =) Let us try it out! just don’t think too much … can never gain and grow until we learn how to hands-off at the right moment….let go those things which are not in our wish list….in some senses, those could be obstabcles to our destiny ~.*


I am now at a cross road here. To be more specific, I am now at those roundabouts with multiple exits. I have been staying in this roundabout for some time now, and still going in circles. I have to pick one exit and continue my journey soon.

Therefore, I should do something about it, today. I shall spend the morning to find out how to draw the map, and then draw my map (long term). And I shall spend the afternoon to clean up the short term road blocks before I could start my journey with the map.

Cool Weather 2

I have to worship the beauty of nature once again: The weather suddenly turns much cooler after the well named “Mid-Autumn Festival”. Isn’t it amazing? The lunar calendar is so cool. They scheduled the weather in the plan, and the nature has to follow. Never miss once.

When the fall arrives, I always forgot how we could live with the hot 30C air, perhaps just few days before the weather changes. I also forgot how nice it was in Sydney where we could have spring in the morning, summer in the afternoon, fall during the sun set, and winter at night. That way, we don’t have to wait 365 days to experience the whole cycle of life.

Cool Weather 1

It is just too good that the weather has turned cooler since last weekend. You have to be amazed by how the Chinese Lunar Calendar works. We have just passed the Mid-Autmn festival a few days ago. According to the meaning of the festival, it is the middle of the lunar month “Sept”, which firstly means that it would be full moon on the day (so we eat Moon Cake and burn candles to celebrate this). Secondly it is really the “mid-autmn” day. The weather would automatically turn cooler after this day. So cool!


Dear 2046,

Hello. Today I am going to talk about the topic “Wait”. In fact, this is the topic a few days ago. Thanks for waiting for me.

It is true that waiting is very painful. Usually “waiting” implies that you do nothing and sit still and delay any actions until the objective is acheived.

Since this is still not the right time, I guess you have to wait a bit longer for my real article to be posted. (And it also helps you to learn the real meaning of “wait”). Bye for now.