Train to Dusseldorf

This is the morning of Frankfurt, and I am on the train to Dusseldorf. I have never heard of this town until now. It should be a important city because it is so close to Holland and England. But I don’t even have heard about this name before. Very strange. Like something just float out from the middle of the sea to me.

Burger King

This is the Burger King at the food court inside the departure hall after the customs counters, and it is only Burger King store in Hong Kong. When I was young I like Burger King better than McDonald’s because it tasted better. But I guess their marketing was not better, so they were out. Now we could only find them in the airport. For meat (beef) lover, Burger King is much better than McDonald’s. And Burger King doesn’t have toys and milk shake, so unlike McDonald’s, they are not the Kid’s favorite.

Even I got free food and wine at the business class lounge, I usually would like to have my pre-flight meal at Burger King. Perhaps I really like the food. Perhaps I just would like to support the minority.

Casio EX-Z750

I have bought the new Casio EX-Z750 before I went to Europe. I hope I could take some good picture there. It has 7.2MP and a 2.5″ screen. It has manual settings so that I could control my Aperture and Shutter speed manually. And best of all, it is slim enough to fit in my pocket so that I could carry it around every where, and I that’s important because then I could really make good use of it.


昨天我在 CitySuper 買了一件有趣的東西:可直接在家裏的煤氣爐上使用的燒烤爐。火舌會從夾縫滲出,但汁會留在爐內。我燒了大菇和肉眼扒,多汁又好味,易用又乾淨!