10 mins Lunch Time

今日原本想好豪咁去 Union Bar 吃個意粉,但想起對面的 Pret A Manager 可用三份之一的價錢吃到差不多一樣的東西,而且我又只得十分鐘,所以便決定坐在 Pret A Manager 吃個意粉沙拉,還加送窗外人潮的景色(可惜今天的質素只是一般)。




小奧私陸 的題為《比較之下的王菀之》comment 上寫道:

May 30th, 2005 at 9:08 am


分別在哪裏?在於「感情」是人(或某些動物?)專有的產物,而人是一件 Organic 的個體,by default 是不可能完美的。太完美的東西就似機器做出來一樣失去人性內的 uncontrollable factor,因而反而失去了真實性,失去了 Touch,失去了「感情」。 所以我們往往 prefer 一些有缺憾的東西來反過來証明那種「真實存在」的感覺。


究竟怎樣才可算是一個好老細(上司)呢? 這問題應該是沒有答案的。因為這真是人夾人緣的問題。 我慢慢在我老細身上看到我自已的影子。 他像我一樣也看很多書,很有學識 (ha ha ha),有點小聰明,懂享受,也很仁慈。唯一我不像他的是我比較幔。我和他夾不夾呢? 我不知道。 我可能跟他太像,所以反而不夾,因為我們有共同的缺點,我沒法補他的位。

Visited Countries

I came across a friendly blogger who has this map posted in her page. I love maps. So I clicked on it. And here it is. It shows all the places that I have been to, in red.

In terms of how much places I have been to on this earth, the truth is that it is not as dramatic as the area that covered by the red color, only because so happened that I have been to US, Canada, India, Australia and China, and they are all very big, and they make the map very red. But I have only been to two to three cities within that big red area, so that is not fair. But who cares?

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

電盈收購 Sunday

Latest news announced that 電盈收購 Sunday. If so, does it mean that PCCW has already reached a stage where they are back in real business? In the first place, they should have not sold CSL unless they really had nothing else to sell. Now, it seems that their cash flow is back on track, so they are back to the mobile business (which is the future of the Telecommunication Industry).