New iTunes Phone or Video iPod?

Apple has sent out invitations to members of the press for a “Special Event” on Wednesday, September 6 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, notes CNET “1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything,” the invitation reads, alluding to the release of the first 5GB iPod nearly four years ago. “Here we go again.” As usual, details on the announcement have spawned a plethora of rumors, but CNET notes that “Record company executives have said recently that Apple has been seeking licenses to distribute a wide variety of music videos through the iTunes music store, and that the computer company has told them of plans to unveil an iPod that plays video.” on the other hand expects Jobs to announce the new Motorola ROKR iTunes music phones during the event.

In any case, it would be another breakthrough by Apple. (I am becoming the promotion agent of Apple lately…).

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Mighty Mouse

This is a dream mouse. Another great Apple design. Mouse exists in the market for so long, and they could still design something that is so beautiful and unique, and yet so simple and minimal. What I love most about this product is that tiny little 360 degree scroll ball. Why not anyone else thought of it earlier?

I am ordering it now.

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My next 80GB iPod

I am planning to buy my next iPod. But not now. I currently have a second generation 30GB iPod that I’ve bought a few years ago. At that time it was the top model, but it is old now.

I had three excuses to justify the purchase. (A) My existing iPod is still working, but the battery is plain dead. So, it is still working if any only if I plug the adapter in. (B) Besides, I have 31GB of songs now, which is a bit bigger than that iPod could take (in fact, it only has 27.5GB capacity). (C) I also plan to buy a portable HDD for storage purpose, and iPod could also do the job (but with more than double the cost).

I should wait a bit. Now they don’t sell the 30GB anymore. Either I buy the smaller 20GB version (which is not logical, according to my objective (B) and (C), or the thicker 60GB version. However, according to the roadmap of Toshiba, iPod should launch their new thin type 1.8inch 40GB and thick 80GB soon, because Toshiba is going to launch their new single disc 1.8inch 40GB HDD and double disc (thicker) 1.8inch 80GB HDD in Sept. In terms of portability, I should go for the thinner and cheaper 40GB (which is the same thickness as the current 20GB). However, according to my objective (B) and (C), I should go for the thicker (and a little little bit dearer) 80GB. Besides, isn’t it cool to carry around the first 80GB on the street, just to show off?

I have to send a email to Steve (Jobs) and ask him to launch the 80GB sooner. I should wait a bit, but I can’t wait.

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Objectives of Doctorate Research

做 Doctorate research 的第一件事是要想清楚自己的目標。

目標分三種。第一種是 officially 做 research 本身的目標。Research 比資料搜集多一個step,資料搜集是關於what的問題,而 research 是資料搜集之後的那個 step,來道出 why 的答案。有意義的 research 要忠於客觀的資料搜集及有一個 open mind 去分析這些資料。Research 概括有三種:第一種是從資料推斷出一些理論出來。第二種是將現有的理論用不同的condition去測試,從而可refine本來理論的準確度。第三種是將現有的理論應用於problem solving 的層面上,去解決一些現實生活中遇到的問題。作為official 做research 的目標,這三種Research 也是可取的,只要題目是有意義的。通常第二種是最容易的,所以也最適合做 doctorate research。

第二種是 PhD 學生做 Research 的目標。Research 的過程可以學到資料發現、搜集、整理、分析和批判,以及邏輯和理論的建立。所以 Research 算是學習有系統地思考的訓練。

第三種是做 PhD 學生的目標。很簡單,讀 PhD 最終也是想儘快畢業拿到一份教職或 Researcher職位,所以 Research 的設計越簡單越好。務求可以無驚無險地儘快畢業。

到最後,第三種目標是最實際的,但也不可忘記大學也想要達到第二種目標才算成功。當然若果忘記了第一種 officially 做 research 本身的目標的話,這 Research 也很難成功,也失去意義了。

New Project(s)

I need to claim down.

I am starting 5 projects in one go recently. Firstly, as I said in my previous post, I am going to apply PhD by next January. So I need to run a project to do that. I call it Project A. Starting from now, finishing by, well, 5 years later perhaps. Very discouraging. Perhaps I should state that I would finish Phase 1 of Project A by April next year (when I know if I got accepted or not).

Secondly, as a preparation job of the Project A, I would like to (or have to) hop to a job which is more academic related, by the end of this year, and I call it Project B. I need Project B because I need to have more free time and free mind to prepare my research proposal, as well as to have a more stable and focus brain so that I could concentrate in Project A.

Thirdly, two of our buddies, Hazel and Hugo, are coming to meet us soon. The planned schedule is also next April, and so I have to start my Project C to welcome them. It would be a big project as many things in our daily lives have to be adjusted, including some of my habits.

As a consequence of Project C, I need to consider to make sure that we could stay in this house within next year, and then could move to a new place by the end of next year. In between I have to adjust the rental agreement of the landlord, and at the same time I have to take back our apartment from “Jenny” and sell it out. It requires quite a lot of interrelated tasks and $$. This is Project D.

Also as a consequence of Project C, we would consider to say goodbye to Pinky and say hello to our new friend Silvery (Project E) It should be a short project due to the time constraint, but would involve some licensing issues, insurance issues and finance issues. We need to finish this by early Sept. Time is pressing.

I am not a well organized person, so I need to claim down and write down all the tasks step by step so that I could concurrently manage these 5 projects smoothly but efficiently.

God bless us.


昨天開始了第一步: 去了圖書館借了幾本教寫 proposal 的書,開始預備怎樣準備寫博士生申請書。整個申請(或可能是整個PhD 生涯)最重要的是那份 Research proposal,所以本來 prepare 這份 proposal 也應是一個 Full time job。最理想的情況是我可以在最遲年底前閞始有一份大學教職,同時可以用起碼三份一時間去做資料搜集及編寫研究計劃書。所以我第二步是要快快找份大學教職來做。第三步是同步開始訂立整個 PhD 過程的進度表,掌握自己各項活動的先後緩急和時間分配。講就容易!


I always thing that golf should not be counted as a sport. I am not saying that you don’t need skills and techniques at the game. You do. In fact you need lots of experience to do this right; but it is the same when you are playing chess. In certain extends it is like playing chess when you are playing golf. Every move counts. The only big difference is that the performance of your opponent in golf would not directly affect your performance. And that’s why bosses prefer golf than chess.