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It’s me here talking about iPhone, again. I know it is getting kinda boring to talk about the same topic over and over again, but I can’t help it. After all, I am really a big fan of iPod and Apple and all (and I guess my wife would be happy to testify for it). And today I am gonna tell you how I couldn’t live without a hard keyboard, which is something that the iPhone is lacking of.

To begin with, perhaps I should tell you why I am typing this blog in English. (And I know posting an English article in Sina would not be too popular, but then if you have gone this far, then it means that you are ok with ‘English blog’, so you might as well just tag along.) I’m typing this blog in English because I’d like to challenge how realistic the iPod ‘Multi-touch’ could be if I compared it with the real keyboard of my Treo 750.

What I’m trying to do so far is to type this blog with my two thumbs on my Treo 750. So far so good. While I am typing, I’m also
try to create the imagine in my head if I was really typing this blog with my iPhone and try to find out the differences between the reality and my imagination.

My finding is that I could finish the previous paragraph within two minutes. Which means that I could type around 25~30 words per minutes. I try to imagine how I could repeat the same result with a touch screen device, but I can’t. Why I could type much faster with my Treo? Because each of the individual keys on the hard keyboard give me a feeling to my thumb, so that I could be more precise each time when I press a location.

It also means that I don’t really have to stare at the keyboard to make sure that I am typing the correct words, and so I could focus my eyesight more on the screen. It always give me a faster speed if I only have to keep my eyes on the screen and not the keyboard.

Well, of course if you look at the keynote of Steve Jobs, he said the multi-touch technology “Works like magic, far more accurate, ignores unintended touches, multi-finger gestures”. Would it really solve my worries? But even if it would, there is another great disadvantage of iPhone against my Treo. With Treo, I could actually just use one hand to type, and I can’t do that with the iPhone. The big difference is that Treo is truly an one-hand operating phone. iPhone is not. I can’t hold my MTR handgrips and type with my iPhone at the same time. And so I can’t type my blog with it. Too bad.

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