R.I.P. Sony Cassette Walkman

According to CrunchGear via IT Media, Sony has already ceased producing it’s 30 years old cassette Walkman (1979~2010) half a year ago.

This is surely a shocking news. Shocking, not because I didn’t see this coming. Rather, I didn’t realize that they were really having new models for the cassette lines until recent months! 200 Million units were sold over 30 years of life (almost near my age), by itself it’s an amazing number, although compared with Apple, iPod sales achieved the same 200 Million mark after 8 years (2002~2009), almost 4 times faster than Sony.

Well, I know this is not fair. The iPod figure includes classic, shuffle, touch and nano, and the Sony figure excludes any Discman, MD and MP3 Walkman, which are very much still alive these days in some parts of the world, and of course the name “Walkman” itself is still a very important sub-brand for all the Sony Ericsson phone which play music anyway.

I can’t really recall how many Walkmans (cassette or MD) I have ever had. All I could remember is that the “DC2” was the one who helped me big time to get through my studies in my high school years. Thanks and goodbye! Hey, what were your Walkman models you have used? (or for those who pretend to be younger, you might wanna ask: “What really is a cassette Walkman… …”)

Sony Walkman DC2

Really? [Windows Phone 7 ad]

I don’t get it. At the beginning I thought they were saying how fascinating Windows Phone 7 is, up to the point where people would ignore anything else in their normal life to play with it. At the final seconds (when scene that the baby with coffee in the bottle is up), I then realize that they are proposing to change the way how people use mobile (and get back to the real lives). Well. Perhaps there would be a next one coming up soon to explain the rest.