Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six®: Shadow Vanguard – Interactive Trailer

Gameloft is launching the new Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard on iPhone tomorrow.

Now this is the sneakpeak of how the gameplay is done on iPhone via Youtube. The best part of this trailer is how the viewers (you and me) could make the decision of how the team enter the room. A kind of interactive movie (well, not exactly “interactive” as it would just jump to another clip based on what you’ve clicked) to promote new game for the first time. A nice start.

The interactive part starts at 0:30. Anything afterwards is just waiting for your click on that blue box.

The History of Web Browsers

IE9Microsoft IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) is finally out. As I am not running Windows at home so I am not going to test it today (yes, I am still sick-leaving at home, for the 2nd day).

I always hate IE since when it was a kid. It was slow and ugly. I hated it more when it murdered Netscape. So I jumped to Firefox as soon as it was available, just to avoid using IE. Now I am using Chrome all the time because I am so used to the native searching ability within the browsers. Which browser are you using now?

Below is a beautiful infographic for the history of web browsers. Pretty cool huh?  (I love how Opera could remain as a straight thin line for all these years, and still exists.)
History of web browsers Dehahs
Sources: DEHAHS via Bit Rebels

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Official Trailer

Transformer 3 Dark of the MoonTaking about disaster, nuclear plant deformation is one, natural earthquake is another one, but making a movie with a quality as low as Transformer 2 was as disastrous as anything else.

Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are trying to correct this with launching the next Transformer. One of the big correction is the dumping of Megan Fox. Pros and cons: perhaps some die hard fans of Fox would abandon the film because of her departure. However perhaps more die hard fans of Transformers would celebrate for this because the average scores of acting ability in this film would surely be pulled up.

The trailers are not as cool as the previous few. Perhaps we have seen it all, so the excitement is gone. Our enjoyment are ruined by our own expectation. The good news is, now it would work the other way round for you as well. Since you have seen them all and set your expectation to the floor, you might enjoy whatever you can get out from this film when they air it on July 11.