I am all alone with iMessage @iOS 5.0

I am all alone.

I mean, in the iMessage world.

Some might say iMessage could be the WhatsApp killer.

I would say, without friends on the list, I could only iMessaging to my own self. Useless on my iPhone. At least for now.

Anyone out there also brave enough to have iOS 5.0 installed on his/her iDevices? Please iMessage me, so that I know I am not alone. Find me at mail@ngszehin.net or any email that you could link me with.

On the other hand, I must say it has a great [Note: not great anymore] some value on my iPad. Now I could send normal SMS (before I could find someone that I could iSMS with) directly from my iPad with the Messages (between non-iOS 5.0 dude, I have to take away the “i”, for now) [Note: I have to take away the whole SMS thing for now, because after the testing I found out that basically it works only with iMessage but not normal SMS].

Well, I have (sort of) signed the NDA, so I should speak less. Nonetheless, I could let you have a sneak peak of the shots I have done without me saying too much: The notification center function is cool. The camera button is convenient but I am sticking with Instagram. iCloud is not working coz I haven’t set it up yet. Reading List could be a good function but I haven’t appreciate it too much yet coz it is not always working. Reminders is clean, but if it is not syncing with the one on my iPad or the cloud, it becomes useless to me and I would stick back to my pretty TeuxDeux.



Sometimes I still have that nightmare. And when I wake up I don’t even know what is real, and what is the definition of REAL.

Nonetheless, I would rather taking the red pill and face the truth or what seems to be the “truth”, than taking the red pill and stay happy. Who knows what the truth was anyway, but I still believe the news clips attached below were a bit more trustworthy than most of the talking and washing.

I got nothing more to say, so I am just reposting the same thing until the work is done. Some day.


當國家每年的維穩費高過軍費;當為民請命揭開毒奶粉、豆腐渣、計劃生育等問題的人相繼被迫害,但應負責的當權者卻繼續風光(直至權鬥失敗?);當坦克是用來保衛權力而不是保護人民,但人民們卻默認維穩大於公義;當我真心開始相信梁振英先生可以有能力成功循普選連任特首…… 我覺得身為一個中國人,我很渺小。我可以做的,就是堅持大家繼續要以史為鑑,多看多想,不要只以「要向前看」為借口而逃避黑白對錯的簡單核心問題。







如以往數年,我在下面貼上我幾年前在圖書館逐張 microfilms scan 出來的剪報。我知道報紙的報導也可以有偏頗的時候。但以一個不在場的人來說,能參考幾份不同派別報紙的文字,再加上有力的圖片,就算我們不能了解事實的全部,但也會是一個不錯的起點吧?

大家若去互聯網找二十一年前的新聞,來源來來去去都是支聯會和 64memo 那些網站,因為c十一年前未有互聯網,所以全部報紙都未上網。但大家可以去圖書館找舊的 microfilm 來看啊!以下有大公報、文匯報和明報的 microfilm。有興趣的請慢慢看,或【請轉寄給其他人看】。看完才再作評論吧!(又,若喜歡看TVB新聞報導,請往YouTube take a look。)

大公報和文匯報當天的頭版 【Click 圖下載 1600 x 2100 大圖】:

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