New Year Resolution on a Train

Now it is time to talk about my New Year Resolution. Obviously I am not in a hurry to make one. After all, this is Jan 6 already and I am still thinking.

Not that I am not a planning person. Or perhaps I am, just that I have a planning partner that drives our train.

Snow Train

Hmm… I used the term “train” instead of “car” or “ship”. Strange. There must be some hidden agenda behind this object. Well, I really don’t know. Does it mean that I see “lives” as a fixed route that all you could change is the speed (to the end)?

Perhaps. But in a way that explains how I don’t need to have a New Year Resolution after all. Perhaps we are not even the train drivers. Me and my partner are just some little train passengers who only have one decision to make: to stay on or get off, if and only if the train stops at that moment. A very passive and boring decision.

Hmm… now I know what’s my New Year Resolution for this year should be: Get off the train and start driving my own car!


(photo courtesy: Santa Fe)