The Power of Change

If I have to pick a day, I am going to pick today.

Today marks an important step of everything we do.

Today gives us the meaning of why we are here. We are here for a reason. We are here to move the world forward. We are moving the people in this world forward. We are walking with everybody with a particular insight in mind, and we want (at least some part of) the population to believe in us, to follow us and eventually advocate for us.

If some day we can look back and check those milestones, today would be one of them. Let’s celebrate (just for the fact that we have a milestone).

God (if any) bless us.

Reactivating the Beads

I have revisited my old post “Knowledge as the Connected Beads” last night and realised why my brain performance is deteriorating recently.

Sure I have so many things happening at the same time in my mind in the past couple of weeks / months, but that’s not new to me. I was able to deal with 7 exams for different subjects within a week full of midnight oil. I was also able to teach a new subject and deal with a new born baby at the same time without any sleep. Not to mention the effort of arranging the ultimate wedding day and the ultimate honeymoon in parallel back then and yet still had the extra energy to put the attention to reduce my weight for 30 lbs in 2 months (I know some might say losing weight should be the result of the other tasks automatically anyway…).

I know I was younger then, but I feel that there is something fundamentally different here.

Then I finally realised that the core reason is related to how I use my strength (or not). I am a person who need INPUT quite a lot to energize myself. I got all these output demand, and not enough time to do the input. As a result, my net knowledge flow is negative, and I feel dry about it.

Now it is time for me to read more books, attend more classes, go to more conferences, or set up more “antenna” to absorb information. The most effective antenna I have set up lately is Twitter. 140 chars. #Short and #sweet. Cheers.