Why Alley-oop?

In a basketball game, one of the most fascinating moves would be the “Alley-oop” performed during an assist-dunk situation.

Most often, the camera would be shining on the dunker rather than the assistor, because the mid-air gestures while dunking are usually way more interesting. Besides, afterall, he is the one whole has scored.

However, I want to be the one who is assisting the alley-oop instead of the one who is scoring it. Not just because I don’t want to be on the camera, but also because I believe this is a more meaningful but much harder/more challenging job; and thus more rewarding.

This blog would be from now on (1) tell my stories and journeys of how I have assisted others to score, and (2) provide more info/exp sharing as a mean of further assisting others to score even more.


2018, Happy New Year, Happy New Start

Happy New Year everyone.

As part of my new year resolution, after 1,284 days of halting, I am starting to write again, regularly (well, that’s the plan…).

I will explain the reason for this change in the coming days. But before that, let me introduce another simpler change prior to that bigger change: I have updated the English name of my site to “Alley-oop Station“, for the reason that fit my theme of the new year.

That’s it for now. I need to get on to my flight now. Cheers.