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iA Writer

I would like to start writing. Just write. Don’t care about what. Just write. The same feeling of how a guy get a new pair of joggers and has to go out and run a few miles, just for the sake of using the shoes. For me, it is the type-writer’s feeling. The feeling that I could write the full set Lord of the Ring non-stop in one night. All it is missing is the chuck chuck cling cling sound of the machine.

This type-writer I am using is called “iA Writer”. An awesome app on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Supports Dropbox and iCloud. Has a “focus” mode by dimming all text except the current line.  The ultimate illustration of “simplicity”.


Number One Concern in Blogging Today: Mobile

Original article posted on here.

If you still care about blogging (and I have just shown I do), what would be the number one concern that you should have? The answer is easy: make sure that your blog is mobile optimized.

This should not be any news to anybody anyway. This is one of the main reasons why Microblogging (Twitter and Weibo) and Miniblogging (light-weighted Tumblr) flourished recently in the first place. Traditional blogs are too heavy to be social, mobile and instant enough.

Anyway, my blog traffic has around 35% viewed by mobile devices for the last 30 days, and the trend is increasing rapidly recently. Out of all my Facebook referrals, more than half of them are from m.facebook, indicating that mobile+social is a big thing and if our landing page (the article page on the blog, for this instance) is not mobile optimized, we are doomed.

On the other hand, I got only a few percent of visitors coming from mobile search. And that’s normal, given that my blog is not that location-search relevant unlike retails or tourist attractions.

So, what I have done to make mine mobile? For my Blogger.com site, I have simply use the mobile template that provided by Google. I have tried the Dynamic Views on my iPhone, and found that although it is mobile compatible as the Mosaic screen would adjust the number of columns based on the width of the screen, the loading time is way too long for a normal 3G connection to download and render. For my WordPress site, I have employed a plugin to enable a mobile theme when loaded in a mobile device.

It is not enough just for the platform to be mobile optimized. The content matters too. When it comes down to content, “mobile optimized” means “concise”, “location relevant” and “time critical”. I believe this is where “blogging” is falling apart. Blogging is not 100% mobile if we look at the nature of the meaningful contents. We could optimized for the audience who come to us via mobile, but we can’t entertain the needs of the vast majority on the mobile traffic. If we want a happy ending, we could either limit ourselves to the concise and immediate world, or leave the detail world untapped and use social media as the mobile outpost to guide us towards the real content. With that in mind, all we need is a good landing page that optimized for mobile devices and mobile referral (for example, the article shown directly via Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook and LinkedIn mobile apps).

I am good. I am mobile optimized. At least my mind does. The rest will follow.

第二百七十七天:Missing Out

其實真的不知應從何說起。很多人問我為何不再寫?我說我只是沒時間、沒機會、沒中文輸入法,而不是不想寫或沒話題可寫。說實在,有趣題目多得很,起了稿的也載滿 Evernote。可是真的可以出世的卻沒有幾個。其實時間不可能是個問題。澳洲的時間總「化算」過香港的吧?


答案是一個字:「FOMO」。我知這不算一個字。就當是一個潮詞罷。FOMO 全解是:Fear Of Missing Out。That’s It!! 一擊即中!大家總會因為早上忘了帶手機出門而焦慮和懊惱一整天吧?基本上 Facebook (尤其是手機版) 的存在就是去滿足/解決這 FOMO 問題:我們無時無刻都可即時知道朋友、ex-朋友們轉了甚麼髮型、生了B轉了工搬了屋。他們沒有邀請我去那婚宴/派對?不打緊!在 Facebook 上 liked 了他們的照片便不會覺被 missed out。我可以遙距與人搭訕談及明哥出櫃,也因為大家瘋傳那段短片。

我就是因這心態而寫少了。要在熱流的中央打滾,慢慢長寫不是辦法,短 share 快 like 才是上策。後來我發展到連字也不寫了,只是用 Instagram 拍照再經 API 傳到 Facebook Twitter Foursquare 便算與這世界溝通了。反正大家也繼續有「喜歡-ed」我。近日我更進步到只在 Pinterest pined 別人的相當是己出,方便快捷!

問題來了:這些記錄所記下的只有我的足跡和點滴(其實甚至大部分也不是我的!)而沒有我的想法和感受。但往往源於內心世界的私想比外在的事實更值得回味。沒有寫 Blog 便沒有一個私地盤去將這些想法和感受集中起來。故此,過了這段時間,我還是想重新將我的 Blog 作為我的大本營,而將 Facebook Twitter 定位為我的 Outpost。

我仍然不想 miss out,但如今緊張的卻是不要忘掉我的記憶。


Blog 寫少了,就算有貼文也是英文或貼圖貼片,實在是有苦衷。原本 PC 用開縱橫輸入法,轉 Mac 後沒了,OS X Han Recognizer 又常瓜(寫唔瓜,但 quit 唔到,要 reboot) ,學倉頡和拼音的時機己過,但又未想學九方。

其實最實際就是寫全英文。反正我的 blog 也沒有太多人圍觀;爛英文又好,慢中文也好,自說自話,甚麼語言也沒有分別,對吧?


Ristretto_NespressoHere I am. 3:47am. After the second shot of Ristretto, I don’t think I would be heading back to bed too soon. Oh well. I got plenty of things on my list anyway. Writing something here is one of them. But of course not like this. I didn’t plan to be this way anyway.

By the way, my problem of not updating here has been tackled. Kinda. My excuse was to find an easier way to type. I mean Chinese, particularly on my Mac.

Now, I have found the way out. I would either use my iPhone as the wireless numpad to type qcode (which I have learnt already in 90 seconds two days ago) on my MBP, or to simply switch myself back to pure English. The later could be a better choice because eventually I need to write something formally in English with perhaps a quarter million of words. And I better start practicing it from now.

hmm… finally it is the WordBooker who got me. Now I am sleepy enough to go back to the bed.


昨晚那篇是本新居的第一 post。現在再補充。

首先,我再次要後悔不早一點獨立。如我所說,整個搬家過程,由 installation 到揀 theme 再加些少 customization,全程真的可以在一小時內搞掂並開張大吉(Wordpress 的 安裝過程真的如他們自己所吹噓,是一件五分鐘之內的事)。其間我已建構好用分類來定 URL 永久連結(現在歸納為三大分類:湊仔經吃喝玩樂民間研究),加入 tagging 系統,做好 Google customer search engineXML sitemap,更新了 Feedburner feed,甚至連 iPhone 的 WordPress 2.1 blog client 也弄好!


回想當日我由 Blogspot 轉去 Mysinablog,結果其實是逐篇文 copy and paste 過去。但今時唔同往日,八百幾篇,點抄?如陳牛同學所說:兩年前,我首度接觸 WordPress,感覺良好,但最後也是因為不知怎樣可以將文章匯出而放棄。而且,原址的流量不錯,一下子要回到由零開始吸引人流和 SEO,有點不捨。

今日又怎樣?心態真的不同了。自從 Jacky 兄提點說可以用 Google Reader 的 Atom Feed 一次過抓下幾百篇文,要將舊文備份已不是一個問題(只是轉化不到在這裡出現而已)。在這裡(暫時)只看到新文其實又再沒有甚麼所謂,因為我在這裡寫文,最根本的目的,是想切合那副題「不要忘記」。只要在某地方切實記下,便已達到目的。至於人流和 SEO 的問題嘛 ~ 要來看的,自然會來。其他經 Google/Yahoo 來看一篇便走的,儘管幫補了流量,本也不是我的目標(我又不是靠這個 blog 為生,其實多人經過又如何?最緊要是有真心想看的讀者嘛!)。

就這樣,如果不用搬文的話,我這個 Project 便已達標。而且,扣除我為了搬舊文而苦惱的時間,整個 project 真的只用了一小時,以我這個 programming 門外漢來說,簡直像穿了 Avatar 去飛天遁地的地球人一樣心花怒放!