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“Do You Have Mobile?”

“Do You Have Mobile?”

Of course I do. I keep two smartphones and one dumb phone with me all the time. I also carry a tablet to work so that I can draw pictures (mostly infographics by the way) during meetings.

But most of the time that was not the real question I was being asked. When my colleagues asked for “mobile”, they meant “mobile marketing stuff”.

“What stuff?” you may ask. Exactly. Mobile Marketing could mean anything ranging from a SMS promotion blast, to a full blown m-commerce site, or anything in between.

To make the situation more confusing, we also have things like a responsive email design, a QR code printed on an outdoor billboard, or a click-to-call button placed on a website which provides a bit of mobile compatibility, but embedded in the traditional (relatively speaking) marketing vehicle.

To sum up, some of these items are referring to mobile as the channel that marketers reach out with, some of them are referring to the device characteristics that the end users are interacting with, and some of them are referring to the nature of geo-location.

This confusion continues as we move along with the mobile journey. This also explains why the one who holds the marketing budget is not embracing the concept of “mobile” yet: As long as people still treat this term as a buzzword to collect all the different kinds of “new” digital tools and features into one big basket, we can’t have a clear picture of what it really means.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? We had this 10 years ago when everybody was asking how to put things “online”. Now, it is even silly to have a job title like “Online Manager”. I am waiting for my own time to come when my title “Mobile Manager” becomes obsolete, and my mission will then be accomplished. Until then, we still have a lot of education, sharing and exploration work to do, and I will still ask you back “What is Mobile?” if you ask me the question “Do you have mobile?”.

iA Writer

I would like to start writing. Just write. Don’t care about what. Just write. The same feeling of how a guy get a new pair of joggers and has to go out and run a few miles, just for the sake of using the shoes. For me, it is the type-writer’s feeling. The feeling that I could write the full set Lord of the Ring non-stop in one night. All it is missing is the chuck chuck cling cling sound of the machine.

This type-writer I am using is called “iA Writer”. An awesome app on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Supports Dropbox and iCloud. Has a “focus” mode by dimming all text except the current line.  The ultimate illustration of “simplicity”.


Chrome for iOS

I have been using Chrome since day one (well, honestly, since day three, 4/Sept/2008).

At that time I (correctly) predicted that Google would flood the world in the mobile space. Three and a half years later, Android + Chrome conquer almost 60% of the smartphone world. Interestingly at that time I named his rivals as MS IE, Firefox and Safari, now it seems that the browsers game is not even the battleground anymore at all.

Anyway, a few days ago Google has launched Chrome on iOS. After the trial, I would say even though it is not as strategically important as how Chrome was for the desktop world at the previous age, but still it is a sticky product because the UX is smarter and neater (than Mobile Safari) (I never a big fan of Opera so I won’t compare with it).

Chrome on iPad offers Siri-liked voice search function (previously already on the Google iOS app), that’s cool, but not exciting. Syncing everything everywhere is handy, especially it remember which devices I have surfed that location with, that’s really cool.

I have put my Safari inactive and surf with Chrome on my iPhones and iPads from today onwards. No turning back.

Are We Slaves?

While drafting my next blog entry, I was trying to think of a bigger and more meaningful topic than about a prehistoric dungeon, a shed exists in the 4th dimension, Hello Kitty or a bed above a toilet seat. But soon I realize that the whole thing are all related to the bigger part of us. No escape.

Then Apple Daily confirmed it all: we are slaves, and we are so proud of it. Look at their A1 these days: “罪犯欺君”, “厚顏面聖”… … what kind of position is that??

After all, are we upset only because now we finally find out that this “leader of slaves” are not smart enough? Perhaps people in Hong Kong in fact don’t really mind (and care) if Mr Leung or any other CE/politician is a decent man/woman or not. Or let me put it this way, if we have to choose between smartness and decency, we “mission-oriented” Hongkonger would pick the “ability to execute” above anything else. Ethical soul can’t feed our tummies. To me, “white lie” is still a lie, but to some people, perhaps even “grey lie” is still counting as social skill, and we should not “小事化大” (as if lying is such a minor part of the total picture).

Well, the worst part is, I even feel that this is all part of the calculation. I mean, seriously, what if he is smart enough not to care at all, as he knew it won’t make any difference what so ever, since all 7 millions of us are all spectators of the show anyway? Why care?

I have to admit that it is one of the reason why I prefer to stay here in the cold (really, last night it was 1 degree C at 3am) instead, as I still feel warmer on this side of the world.


Another good one from Nike.

The viral video has a lot of “tunnels”. Some link to bios of the players shown in slow motions, some link to external sites about the bigger movement to gather footballer to join the TEAM.

It has attracted more than 6 millions views since launched yesterday (May 18). Amazing traffic and eye-balls. Well, I have contributed 3 views since I am eager to search for all those tunnels.

I am engaged. I am impressed.

Nike The Chance

Number One Concern in Blogging Today: Mobile

Original article posted on here.

If you still care about blogging (and I have just shown I do), what would be the number one concern that you should have? The answer is easy: make sure that your blog is mobile optimized.

This should not be any news to anybody anyway. This is one of the main reasons why Microblogging (Twitter and Weibo) and Miniblogging (light-weighted Tumblr) flourished recently in the first place. Traditional blogs are too heavy to be social, mobile and instant enough.

Anyway, my blog traffic has around 35% viewed by mobile devices for the last 30 days, and the trend is increasing rapidly recently. Out of all my Facebook referrals, more than half of them are from m.facebook, indicating that mobile+social is a big thing and if our landing page (the article page on the blog, for this instance) is not mobile optimized, we are doomed.

On the other hand, I got only a few percent of visitors coming from mobile search. And that’s normal, given that my blog is not that location-search relevant unlike retails or tourist attractions.

So, what I have done to make mine mobile? For my Blogger.com site, I have simply use the mobile template that provided by Google. I have tried the Dynamic Views on my iPhone, and found that although it is mobile compatible as the Mosaic screen would adjust the number of columns based on the width of the screen, the loading time is way too long for a normal 3G connection to download and render. For my WordPress site, I have employed a plugin to enable a mobile theme when loaded in a mobile device.

It is not enough just for the platform to be mobile optimized. The content matters too. When it comes down to content, “mobile optimized” means “concise”, “location relevant” and “time critical”. I believe this is where “blogging” is falling apart. Blogging is not 100% mobile if we look at the nature of the meaningful contents. We could optimized for the audience who come to us via mobile, but we can’t entertain the needs of the vast majority on the mobile traffic. If we want a happy ending, we could either limit ourselves to the concise and immediate world, or leave the detail world untapped and use social media as the mobile outpost to guide us towards the real content. With that in mind, all we need is a good landing page that optimized for mobile devices and mobile referral (for example, the article shown directly via Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook and LinkedIn mobile apps).

I am good. I am mobile optimized. At least my mind does. The rest will follow.

I am all alone with iMessage @iOS 5.0

I am all alone.

I mean, in the iMessage world.

Some might say iMessage could be the WhatsApp killer.

I would say, without friends on the list, I could only iMessaging to my own self. Useless on my iPhone. At least for now.

Anyone out there also brave enough to have iOS 5.0 installed on his/her iDevices? Please iMessage me, so that I know I am not alone. Find me at mail@ngszehin.net or any email that you could link me with.

On the other hand, I must say it has a great [Note: not great anymore] some value on my iPad. Now I could send normal SMS (before I could find someone that I could iSMS with) directly from my iPad with the Messages (between non-iOS 5.0 dude, I have to take away the “i”, for now) [Note: I have to take away the whole SMS thing for now, because after the testing I found out that basically it works only with iMessage but not normal SMS].

Well, I have (sort of) signed the NDA, so I should speak less. Nonetheless, I could let you have a sneak peak of the shots I have done without me saying too much: The notification center function is cool. The camera button is convenient but I am sticking with Instagram. iCloud is not working coz I haven’t set it up yet. Reading List could be a good function but I haven’t appreciate it too much yet coz it is not always working. Reminders is clean, but if it is not syncing with the one on my iPad or the cloud, it becomes useless to me and I would stick back to my pretty TeuxDeux.