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Best Lip Sync by Emma Stone

Honestly, this redefine my understanding on Lip Sync, and on Emma Stone herself.

I saw the one by Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I have to agree with Jimmy Fallon that Emma’s second song could be “The best one that’s ever been done.” compared with all the previous one I have ever seen.

And I might have more interest to watch the not-so-highly-rated “The Amazing Spider-Man 2“, just for Emma’s performance.

Day 1 — Zombie @ Singapore

This was how I started my first serious blog post way way back: I went on to a trip to Bangalore, and I thought I might not be able to come back. So I decided that I had to write down my story somewhere online so that other people can know my story somehow.

I am not saying I might have the same adventure this time. At least not as miserable as the Bangalore situation. However according to my schedule it seemed like it was not too far either.

Let me tell you what just have happened on the Day 1, and later on I’ll come back to talk about my amazing schedule.

So I was on the midnight flight to Singapore. When I say midnight, it really was. SQ218, 1:05 AM boarding on Melbourne side, arriving at 5:45 AM on Singapore side. 7.5 hours, not too long. Just enough for 1 dinner, 2 movies, and 1 breakfast, and you are done. Touch down and you got a bright new day in front of you.

You heard me right. Yes, a 1:05 AM flight, but still serve you dinner, and that must have been almost 2:00 AM when they literally placed the meal on my foldable table. And I did finish them all, while watching my movies.

The first movie was Gravity. Originally I was hoping that a movie about one actress talking to herself for 2 hours in space should help me dived into deep sleep right away. But at the end it was the shooting (like hell) scene by Matt Damon in the second movie (which in theory is located at one layer down in the atmosphere compared with where Sandra Bullock was) Elysium that did the trick.

But you could have done the maths and realise by now that not too long afterwards I would have got waken back up again to take the breakfast at 3:45 AM local time. And that’s it. Slept 2 hours max, and done. Time-wise, very efficient, but productivity-wise, not quite. I felt like a zombie when I stepped into Changi Airport.

So now I was in Singapore. Well, Singapore Airport to start with. It was a short stay for me there. Just 2 days. So I didn’t bother to get a local sim card. Instead I just stayed at the arrival hall connecting to the Wifi@Changi for my connection. One thing I learn when I am on the road is to always juice up my power whenever I have a chance, or else i need to use my devices one at a time and swap them one by one like how Rambo always chuck away his emptied machine gun and pull a (pair of) pistol from his back (instead of reloading).

So for that I found a power point on a pillar with the lock of its cover already hacked by someone else. Of course I thanked him/her and plugged myself all in. Seriously I wished I could do that on my zombified body but at least my brain and my soul were saved (for now, at least that’s what I thought I was) when I was connected and powered. But I also realised that there was after all not much use to have a fuelled mind if my body had already turned into a zombie.

And there was exactly what happened. By the time of sunrise (which often something zombies don’t go too well with) and I decided to take a cab to the city, my human brain was completely gone. I towed my body out the airport building without getting any Sing Dollars exchanged, got into a taxi without knowing it was cash only, and when I arrived my office front gate I was only able to use my autopilot mode to deal with the annoyed (and annoying) cab driver about the cash (or lack of) issues.

So, 5 minutes later, I got off the cab, wandering around the front gate in and out a few loops, and finally realised that I got dropped off at the wrong tower. Reluctantly I tumbled down the stairs and tunneled through to the other side of the road. Hmm, that felt so weird…. How come the trip down the stairs walked like a breeze… …?

And that’s the exact point where the magic a-ha moment kicked in, and I knew my human brain was back, with fears (well, zombies have no fear…): “Oops, where the hell is my luggage?” “Damn it is still at the trunk of the taxi!” Well, it seems that my autopilot wasn’t able to pick THAT up!

The next thing I knew, I was back into full gear fighting mode again, like the typical hero in those Hollywood movies got beaten up like shit for a best second half of the movie, but then in the second last scene magically stood up again and crashed the bad guys with the last bullet. My last bullet was my fully charged phone and the cab receipt. I called up the cab company and waited for their Lost & Found line to answer, for 25 minutes.

That was quite a good 25 minutes because I got a chance to stayed at the taxi stand and observed hundreds of people got dropped off and walked into the building, with all different faces. Something that I usually don’t had a chance to do in my normal life.

So, these incoming people: Some obviously had a very tough overnight OT work and needed a thick makeup to cover up her black eyes. Some you can tell they were very much in love, especially last night, just by how they did their goodbye kisses. And some, you know just by how she looked at you (but at the same time not really looking at you) when she got off the cab, and how she then shook her hair and hips, you knew that this was exactly what she was looking for: to enjoy being checked out by strangers, like me, at the office tower entrance.

I was having so much fun that I almost forgot I was on the waiting tone with that repetitive and flatted jazz music on. Finally someone picked up the line and hunted down that already annoyed taxi driver for me. Turned out he was already back at the airport waiting for the next pickup. I got the deal with him by paying the return trip back to me. Another 25 minutes later, I got back my luggage. Oh well, originally I had the chance to renew my entire wardrobe completely including underwears and ties. Now I just have to wait for my next excuse.

As you can tell, I was completely wracked by then. Subsequently after that I had 6 hours meeting including a business lunch, and all went well with good commercial outcome, but nothing really worth telling compared to my zombie story above.

Stay tuned for my Day 2 story.


Chester 今晚超早睡,放學後洗完澡,五時半便在梳化睡著了!直至現在仍呼呼熟睡。以這樣的走勢,他只會一口氣睡至明早。


我有先見之明,為了避免最後一步那分割畫面的發生,我便預先與他交換床位來睡。對,人仔細細,三歲的他已睡六呎足本大人單人床了。而且 Jacob 的碌架床上格離地甚高,所以空間充足,睡得也算是寫意。

東京六天瘦身遊之一:Mother Farm

又是東京。不過,與去年暑假尾那次的三人行不同,今次我們帶齊 Jacob 和 Chester,還多了三名團友。

說是瘦身遊,因為暑假的東京熱得像焗桑拿。而且今次比上次再多了一件啞鈴 ── Chester。


也正是這個原因,這次我們租車開了三個小時(來回)經以浮島連著隧道和大橋的東京灣 Aqua Line 由羽田機場旁橫跨東京灣往千葉縣富津市郊的 Mother Farm(母親牧場),讓小朋友們可以享受一下香港難見的大草地,還有剪羊毛表演,擠牛奶,趕鴨子,跑豬,美味的鮮奶雪糕和騎小馬。如果選對季節(例如避開暑假),整個農場更遍地種有幾十萬至幾百萬棵水仙、梅花、櫻花或菊花等等讓大家觀賞!你看 Jacob 在他碧綠的大斜坡跑得多麼暢快!連衫也跑甩了!

下面就是 Jacob 騎馬的情景。看他那尷尬的揮手和微笑,就知他當時是如何緊張。至於 Chester 嘛,他當時還正睡在我肩膊上。否則他也可能會嚷著要騎馬馬了。

Mother Farm 是一個值得帶小朋友去的地方,但可能春天去會較佳,因為多一點花可看,而且沒有那麼熱。據講周末很多人,所以最好平日去較好。交通是一個問題:因為並沒有火車直達,要轉幾次車,所以建議租車自駕前往。一來一回連玩連吃連車程要一整天。我們那天經過一天的勞力付出,回到酒店後我們四人都便立即抱頭大睡,還差點錯過了當晚八強荷蘭贏巴西的那場波呢(起來時剛完上半場,巴西領先一比零)!







B仔見大家怨聲載道,便說:「唉,叫你地一早出聲講自己意見你又唔講,到頭來現在貨不對辦,可以怪邊個呢?」珠珠一面嘔一面答:「當初講左又點丫?結果咪又係一樣要去呢度!你估我地真係有得揀咩?最衰都係班長!…… (嘔……)」在旁仍在拆蟹腳的小強卻說:「咁又唔係咁講喎!好彩老師揀左班長既提議。依家出左事,大家咪可以賴班長囉!如果當初我有份出聲,咁依家要揹鑊果個咪變左係我?我先至冇咁笨!!」






他們是不是真的是「80後」並不緊要。反正也只是標籤一個。有人會因而嘗試去了解並定性80後的特質。有人卻趕忙去澄清自己是或不是80後。更有人會去研究其實「80後」其實是否存在,又或者想去說明其實用出生年份去區分90後、80後、50後等界別是否有意義…… 這一切,全都是良性的討論。大眾就此可以更了解大家和更了解自己,對周遭社會的事物有更深切的認識和關心。近日到很多網誌也見到大家會以「高鐵」和「80後」為題來交換意見(並拗到面紅耳熱!)。那天見到有個少女在討論區問「為甚麼80後要反高鐵?」,轉頭便引來過百個留言來討論。討論熱切的程度一定不亞於昔日大家討論宮心計的劇情。無論結果如何,這現象也是我較樂於見到的。有討論、交流甚至爭拗才會有進步。和諧、穩定與安逸只會趨向腐化。

當然,beyond that,撥款還是會通過的。就正如無論五區公投的結果為何,2012 也不會有普選一樣。但願五區公投也像高鐵的效果一樣能激起大眾對政制的關心,那便已算是達標了。說回撥款:建制派控制著議會。他們的這些議員的存在意義並不是去議事,而是去做圖章。這也是為甚麼功能組別不應存在的原因。如果全體議員都是民選產生,那他們現在的決議便真的是代表全體市民的。民選的建制派議員代表他們的選民去做圖章也仍講得過去。但現在有一部份議員的決議並不需要向公眾負責,那由他們去代香港七百萬人去花大家夾份擁有的六百幾億便有點危險了。


photo credit: Oscar Durand / The Flint Journal

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