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Chrome for iOS

I have been using Chrome since day one (well, honestly, since day three, 4/Sept/2008).

At that time I (correctly) predicted that Google would flood the world in the mobile space. Three and a half years later, Android + Chrome conquer almost 60% of the smartphone world. Interestingly at that time I named his rivals as MS IE, Firefox and Safari, now it seems that the browsers game is not even the battleground anymore at all.

Anyway, a few days ago Google has launched Chrome on iOS. After the trial, I would say even though it is not as strategically important as how Chrome was for the desktop world at the previous age, but still it is a sticky product because the UX is smarter and neater (than Mobile Safari) (I never a big fan of Opera so I won’t compare with it).

Chrome on iPad offers Siri-liked voice search function (previously already on the Google iOS app), that’s cool, but not exciting. Syncing everything everywhere is handy, especially it remember which devices I have surfed that location with, that’s really cool.

I have put my Safari inactive and surf with Chrome on my iPhones and iPads from today onwards. No turning back.

The History of Web Browsers

IE9Microsoft IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) is finally out. As I am not running Windows at home so I am not going to test it today (yes, I am still sick-leaving at home, for the 2nd day).

I always hate IE since when it was a kid. It was slow and ugly. I hated it more when it murdered Netscape. So I jumped to Firefox as soon as it was available, just to avoid using IE. Now I am using Chrome all the time because I am so used to the native searching ability within the browsers. Which browser are you using now?

Below is a beautiful infographic for the history of web browsers. Pretty cool huh?  (I love how Opera could remain as a straight thin line for all these years, and still exists.)
History of web browsers Dehahs
Sources: DEHAHS via Bit Rebels


#GoogleCN 谷歌真汉子

《Google Beijing, Jan 13, 2010》

picture taken by Junyu Wang

Supplementary Information:
非法献花_百度百科 – 2010年1月13日
… 清华科技园(Google中国办事处所在地)的保安表示,向GOOGLE献花,必须事先向有关部门申请,获得审批后方可进行,否则属于非法献花。 …

Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet enables intimacy

The title of this TED presentation is somewhat misleading. It is not about Internet, or only Internet.

She did start off with some examples about how people like to engage with a small group of people all the time; and with the current technology, we are able to do it better than ever. However, the main point of her final argument is: “Should we be allowed to engaged with our personal life while being in an ‘institution’ ?”

via Guy Kawasaki

I know some people might pick on how she thought a bus driver should be OK to carry a cell. But that’s not the point.

I mean, personal engagement is part of the physical needs. In order to focus at work and perform, we need the right work/life balance. Of course the actually executions have to be depending on the situation, but the principle is simple: I see that as the same level as letting the staff to the bathroom.

And more importantly, the fact is, according to the statistics (that she has collected, assuming they are unbias), people are naturally doing that anyway. Well, obviously you can tell I am already on her side, coz otherwise I won’t post this video at 10:30am in the morning on a weekday. =p

By the way there is an ad by IBM at the end of the video. Quite interesting, but a bit scary.

Windows 7 Demo

友人傳來下面的 Windows 柒示範。

我唔識日文,所以完全唔知佢 up 乜,只見到那示範者不斷用手指敲打顯示屏面,但敲極也沒有反應,然後節目工作人員一方面插播事前錄好的片段,另一方面同時在搶救失靈中的電腦/顯示屏。最後一臉尷尬地草草收場……

究竟這真的是一趟認真(但失敗)的新產品示範,還是其實是一個攪笑節目嘗試去模擬微軟產品一貫的風格?要我估,我當然估前者,因為微軟產品落場那刻跌低以致示範者當眾出醜其實是一件平常不過的事:連 Bill Gates 自己也在台上出過藍畫面!而平日大家上台做簡報時更一定有經驗曾將所有電腦軟件冇反應、硬件瓜柴、甚至自己發台瘟的因由都全算到 Windows 品質問題的頭上!

不過,又如何?當不日大家買新電腦,我們何嘗不是又會乖乖地投回那不斷被我們嘲笑的 Windows 的懷抱當中嗎?這也好,要不然那又何來一個大眾都供認可信的藉口去解釋自己交唔出功課呢?(最常見的「理由」:做做下部機 hang / 瓜 / rebooted 左,或 saved 完個 file 唔見左)

後來整番好了,再 demo 過 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_gkLVwMAW8

Monday Blues 背後的科學


紐約時報於十月十一日的報導,說 Facebook 分析了過去兩年來一億美國用戶(註)的 status update 從而得出的 “Gross National Happiness Index“。從這分析道出美國人平均於星期五會比星期一開心9.7%。研究員從 status updates 中找出用戶提到的正面詞語與反面詞語作比較來計算出這個指數。其他較開心的日子有美國獨立日、感恩節和萬聖節,而近來較不開心的時間則是在Michael Jackson 或 Heath Ledger 逝去那天。

在我這個研究/統計門外漢(所以我仍只是一個教書佬)看來,這個研究暫時並不是太有科學價值。一來說盡了這只是一個歷史統計,並沒有任何的解釋能力。Monday Blues 和 Thank God It’s FRIDAY 本已不是新鮮的事,用不著要去研究來證明。如果要讓這研究更有意思。下一步可能就是要將用戶資料注入數據中看看有甚麼關聯性(correlation)和聚類性(cluster anaylsis),從而分析出甚麼人、事與開不開心的關係。

不過,就算不做更多的分析,單憑結果去推敲,大家也可以想像到其實不開心最大的原因就是「上班」。這個當然可以理解:大部份的人(起碼是美國人)由星期一至五付出勞力為的就是去換取薪水讓自己在週末揮霍。這個想法多麼的悲哀,但卻又多麼的現實!(要不然,我們就不會有這「施比受更有福」的口號 ~ 要用口號來說的,通常都不是真實的事……)

從這結果看來,要更快樂麼,其實就是要在星期一至五上班時段找尋樂趣。我自己亦身同感受,幾年前就是以這原因放下N萬年薪的筍工去投進我最愛的書本和知識的懷抱,結果從此以後像喝了養命酒般唔再腸胃弱,冇話食慾不振,又唔會倦,又唔怕凍,血液循環好,體質又 fit……(我現在亦終於明白為何甘乃威要冒食檸檬之囧也要在自己地方示愛,原來也只是想「苦中作樂」。)

扯得太遠了,說回那研究。其實正常的 Active Facebook users,平均計會否偏向是一些工作較不專注的一群(如我自己?),他們會在辦公時間活躍更新 status,是否代表工作並不足夠他們去投入?又或是剛好相反正是日間工作太專注,所以才會在工餘時間活躍更新 status 來發泄?無論那個角度看,在 Facebook 系統上以搜集 status text 來作研究會存在一定的 bias,有點 “participants in the sample select themselves” 的意味,所以答案便變得有點想當然了。

註:美國人口有三億,有一億 Facebook 用戶,即是共三份一人口有 Facebook 戶口!不過這數字又像是真的。據 Facebook 自己的數據說,現在的用戶有大概三億,七成是非美國,即是說美國有總用戶三億的三成,即差不多一億啦!