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Number One Concern in Blogging Today: Mobile

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If you still care about blogging (and I have just shown I do), what would be the number one concern that you should have? The answer is easy: make sure that your blog is mobile optimized.

This should not be any news to anybody anyway. This is one of the main reasons why Microblogging (Twitter and Weibo) and Miniblogging (light-weighted Tumblr) flourished recently in the first place. Traditional blogs are too heavy to be social, mobile and instant enough.

Anyway, my blog traffic has around 35% viewed by mobile devices for the last 30 days, and the trend is increasing rapidly recently. Out of all my Facebook referrals, more than half of them are from m.facebook, indicating that mobile+social is a big thing and if our landing page (the article page on the blog, for this instance) is not mobile optimized, we are doomed.

On the other hand, I got only a few percent of visitors coming from mobile search. And that’s normal, given that my blog is not that location-search relevant unlike retails or tourist attractions.

So, what I have done to make mine mobile? For my Blogger.com site, I have simply use the mobile template that provided by Google. I have tried the Dynamic Views on my iPhone, and found that although it is mobile compatible as the Mosaic screen would adjust the number of columns based on the width of the screen, the loading time is way too long for a normal 3G connection to download and render. For my WordPress site, I have employed a plugin to enable a mobile theme when loaded in a mobile device.

It is not enough just for the platform to be mobile optimized. The content matters too. When it comes down to content, “mobile optimized” means “concise”, “location relevant” and “time critical”. I believe this is where “blogging” is falling apart. Blogging is not 100% mobile if we look at the nature of the meaningful contents. We could optimized for the audience who come to us via mobile, but we can’t entertain the needs of the vast majority on the mobile traffic. If we want a happy ending, we could either limit ourselves to the concise and immediate world, or leave the detail world untapped and use social media as the mobile outpost to guide us towards the real content. With that in mind, all we need is a good landing page that optimized for mobile devices and mobile referral (for example, the article shown directly via Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook and LinkedIn mobile apps).

I am good. I am mobile optimized. At least my mind does. The rest will follow.


早年被發配了一個 V 戶。但小弟既不追星也不是星,因此這裡既不能讓我增廣見聞,也無助於自我宣傳。我絕不應投資時間進這零回報的虧本生意上。故當實驗做罷,好奇心也被滿足夠後,我便將其丟在一旁。

近日因事重新到訪,時間上巧遇「敏感椅」事件,竟然剛好收到 admin 發私訊溫馨提示我「这两天发言时请小心一些」!真的覺得很榮幸,也讓我重新思考我對它的觀感與態度。

思考過後,決定維持原判,也決定將這私訊溫馨提示 cap 圖與大家分享!