The End of the World

I am now looking at the stars. I am pretty sure that the same set of stars was shining last year (as shown in the pic), the year before or 100 years ago. In their life spans, it won’t make a slight difference anyway. In fact, try to look back a million years later, most of these stars should be still shining at almost the same spots.

For some reason some people in our human life spans are worrying about the end of the world. The end of which world? Perhaps only in our little world. Oh, our “civilization” is collapsing? No problem, another one will emerge and replace ours. The earth is still turning normally. Just us, like the dusts on the surface, got “renewed” and “updated”. That’s not the end of the world. That’s just the end of us. Exactly like how Dinosaurs ended last time. And seriously the world doesn’t really care.

Or perhaps we could treat it like the way of how Matrix had its Multi-revolutions. In a way every “the end of the world” is just the reboot of another never ending loop. I would love to have the reboot eventually, but perhaps not tooooo soon, coz I still haven’t finished enjoying this round of the reincarnation cycle.

Tell me what you think!